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For visa and travelling to Turkey see the page:


- Translation Attestation

The Embassy does not offer any translation services.

- The Embassy could only attest translation made by its accredited translator.

(For contact information of the accredited translators see the bottom of this page)

-Apart from translator’s fee there is a consular fee 335,00 INR per page (2019 fee).

-Please note: The documents could also be translated in Turkey by any sworn translator. Documents translated by any sworn translators in Turkey are not required to be attested by Turkish Mission. Turkish authorities would accept both translations either made by Embassy accredited translator with Mission attestation or by any sworn translator in Turkey.



(Company import/export documents)

(Individual documents; graduate certificate, marriage related documents, etc.)

- Please note:Apostille and attestation are two different processes.

The Embassy attests documents prepared only in India, Bhutan, Nepal or Maldives (not document prepared in Turkey).

-Only documents bearing the attestation (not apostille) of the Ministry of External/Foreign Affairs of India, Nepal, Maldives or Bhutan could be attested by the Embassy/Consulate.

- Documents those already have sticker apostille by MEA India cannot be attested by the Embassy.

- To get attested by Turkish Mission, already-MEA/MFA-attested documents should be submitted to Turkish Embassy/Consulate with a set of photocopy.

-Only Tuesday and Friday those documents are accepted for attestation.

-Application by post is not accepted.

This type of attestation's fee is 1.380,00 INR per page. (Year 2019 fee)



Power of attorney for foreigners (only for individuals not applicable for companies):

(for buying real estates, hiring lawyer etc.)

- Grantor should apply to the Embassy in person with

- the original passport

- photocopies of passport

- two photos of grantor

- stay permit original and photocopies (if the grantor is not Indian)

- Passport/ID photocopy(ies) of proxy(ies)/attorney’s

For hiring a Turkish lawyer

Also provide following information of Turkish lawyer

-Ad Soyad:

- T.C. Kimlik No:

- Baroya kayıtlı olduğu İl:

- Baro sicil No:

- TBB Sicil No:

- TBB Belge No:

- TBB Belge verildiği tarih:

- İş adresi:

If grantor does not speak Turkish, grantor should come to the Embassy with one of accredited translator

(For contact information of the accredited translators see the bottom of this page)

-You may approach to the Consular Section within any working days and hours (09.30-12.30 – 14.00-16.30) in agreement with one of accredited translators.

-Apart from translator’s service charge there is also a consular fee for arranging power of attorney. Consular fee depends on the text length and may vary.


The Embassy is not authorized to marry a foreigner to a Turkish citizen. The couple should both be Turkish only so that they can marry at the Embassy.

To get information for marrige between Turkish citizen and a foreign national, contact relevant internal authorities in Turkey.


Study in Turkey

Those who are eager to study in Turkey and would like to know more about scholarships, application procedures, accommodation needs, living conditions etc. can check this website out.


For official Turkish scholarship programs kindly refer to the website below.



For resident permit and other possibilities on the basis of investing in Turkey, kindly refer to the website below.

Turkish Embassy can only issue visa for the first entry, all processes regarding other permits should be conducted within internal authorities in Turkey.





English-Turkish accredited translators:

Accredited translated serve individuals and companies those reside in the Embassy’s jurisdiction

1. Mr. Ulas,Tel: +91 8448 113050, e-mail: ulaskutsicezik@gmail.com

2. Mr. Emre, Tel: +91 8130780758, e-mail: emryrk@gmail.com

Monday - Friday

9:30 - 13:00 / 14:00 - 17:30

Consular&Visa: consulate.newdelhi@mfa.gov.tr 9:30-13:00 / 14:00-17:30
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