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Burak Akçapar 12.08.2011
Speech by Burak Akçapar
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
of the Republic of Turkey to the Republic of India
at the Ceremony for the Presentation of Credentials

New Delhi, 12 August 2011


I am honored to bring the personal greetings of my President, His Excellency Abdullah GÜL, and his best wishes for the wellbeing and happiness of Your Excellency and the people of the friendly Republic of India.

The President of the Republic of Turkey has graciously entrusted me, Burak Akçapar, with the honour of representing Turkey in the friendly Republic of India as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.

It is therefore with profound honour that I am standing before Your Excellency to present my Letter of Credence, as well as the Letter of Recall of my predecessor, today in the Rashtrapati Bhavan on the 12th day of August in 2011.

On this occasion, I also have the pleasure to convey the cordial sentiments of the Government and people of the Republic of Turkey.

Turkey and India are two States with global profile, which have the capability and will to do immense good for the positive evolution of the international order of States and peoples.

Our nations are united by common values underpinning their constitutional orders as democratic, secular, and social States governed by the rule of law.

While our nations reaffirm their historic roles as hubs of civilization, culture, moderation, tolerance, stability and prosperity as well as human progress, I deem it a primary duty to foster the rediscovery and reassertion of ties that have always bound our peoples.

2011 marks the sixtieth anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Friendship between Turkey and India. Next year we will celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of entry into force of the Turkey-India cultural cooperation agreement, which was the first ever such agreement that the Republic of India signed with any country.

This is indeed a propitious time to renew our mutual endeavours and emphasis to elevate Turkish-Indian exchanges, cooperation and consultation to unequalled levels.

The potential for our bilateral cooperation is historically significant. I will be driven during my tenure in India by the recognition of this potential and the keen pursuit of its fulfillment.

I consider myself particularly fortunate in this regard given the background of determined commitment demonstrated by the Leaderships of our two States and our peoples as manifest in the continuous stream of mutual visits and people-to-people interaction.

The prospects to be opened in the time ahead in commerce; investments; tourism; scholarship, research and development; and political and economic consultation and cooperation; as well as cultural and intellectual interaction already enthuse our countries and strengthen the mutual political will.

The world around us undergoes significant change and the need for stable anchors that would help guide progress in a peaceful manner is paramount. The friendly cooperation between Turkey and India, whether bilaterally or in global fora, such as the G-20 and the United Nations, is one such anchor.

Our cooperation in addressing the full range of critical issues of our day and age, including terrorism, extremism, intolerance, poverty, climate change and economic and financial volatility, can be further increased.

Regional initiatives and institutions such as the SAARC and others augment the possibilities for enhancing consultations and practical cooperation.

We have before us a number of significant endeavours to complete that would take our relationship to unprecedented levels including the signing of a Free Trade Agreement among others.

Construction and infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, energy including renewables, banking, computerized automation, information technologies, bio- and environmental technologies, cooperation between small and medium scale enterprises, media, movie industries, artists, business chambers, youths, archives, as well as rehabilitation of martyrs’ cemeteries and countless more are areas which deserve further emphasis. The youths in both countries merit a particular focus. I will pursue all of the above with a keen sense of mission in service of lasting Turkey-India friendship and partnership. Throughout, I know that I could rely on the unwavering and indulgent support of the distinguished counterparts in the Indian Government and civil services.

The work ahead may be immense, but the potential is historic and the prospects are most exhilarating.

My spouse Sebnem, our son Onat and I are most enthralled to be serving in the incredible India and living amongst the friendly Indian people.

While in India, we intend to travel and see as much as we can of your beautiful country, experience your unique wealth of culture and encourage Turks and Indians alike to visit, familiarize, trade, admire and cooperate with each other.

Burak Akçapar

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