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Press Release Regarding The Participation In The Nato’s 60th Anniversary Summit To Be Held In Strasbourg And Kehl , 02.04.2009

NATO’s 60th Anniversary Summit, co-hosted by France and Germany, will be held on 3-4 April 2009 in Strasbourg and Kehl.  
At the Summit, which will be held at the level of the Heads of State and Government, Turkey will be represented by a delegation headed by President Abdullah Gül, including Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Babacan and Minister of National Defence Vecdi Gönül.
This Summit is organized on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the signing of NATO’s founding document, the Washington Treaty, and thus carries historical and ceremonial importance.
The Strasbourg/Kehl Summit will be the venue of discussions on issues high on NATO’s agenda and of decisions on the future of the Alliance.
In this respect, Declaration on Alliance Security, presenting NATO’s vision of the 21st century and confirming the continuity of the fundamental principles that provided for the success of NATO for 60 years, will be made public. 
Moreover, the work on updating the Strategic Concept, the document that provides political guidance in terms of NATO’s current and future role and responsibilities, will be launched by NATO Heads of State and Government.
This Summit will also be the first high level gathering that Croatia and Albania will be attending formally as member States.  
NATO’s transformation, operations particularly those in Afghanistan and Kosovo, partnerships and NATO-Russia relations are among the subjects that are expected to be taken up at the Summit.