Turkish Embassy in New Delhi

News from the Turkish Foreign Ministry

Press Release Regarding World Refugee Day , 19.06.2009

Turkish people throughout the history have welcomed, extended a helping hand and provided safe haven to people who fled oppression.

In line with this historical tradition, Turkey today continues to fulfill its commitments pertaining to the protection of refugees and to pursue sublime ideals towards solving the problems of refugees worldwide, and deems important, the activities of the UNHCR in this regard.

Refugees often follow the same routes and methods of transportation to reach safe countries, as irregular migrants do with economic motives. The true refugee can only be better protected if the distinction between the two is clearly made.

Turkey which provided funding in the past to the UNHCR operations and programs such as South Asia Earthquake Operation (2005), Iraqi Displaced Persons Programme (2007) and Internally Displaced Persons in Africa Programme (2008), continues its support to the Organization through its voluntary contributions.

Turkey, as part of its “Asylum and Migration National Action Plan” of 2005 adopted in accordance with the harmonization of the national legislation with the EU acquis, carries on its activities with a view to completing the Projects of “Country of Origin System” and “Reception Centers”, to evaluate asylum applications as per the internationally accepted criteria and to provide better accommodation, during this evaluation process, for thousands of asylum-seekers it receives from the East.

On 20 June World Refugee Day, Turkey reiterates once again its support to those in distress who escape from persecution and will continue its efforts for them to have a decent life.