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Press Release Regarding The Turkey’s Humanitarian Assistance To The World Food Programme For Yemen , 05.09.2009

Turkey views the on-going developments in Yemen targeting the political stability of this country with concern and regret.

The statement made on 17 June 2009 by the Ministry emphasized the importance we attribute to Yemen’s national unity and territorial integrity which are essential for peace and stability in the entire region. Our statement had also underlined that our assistance for the development efforts to bring prosperity to the brotherly and friendly Yemeni people would continue.

As the Yemeni nation faced chronic famine due to the developments in this country, the World Food Program made a flash appeal for international humanitarian assistance on 7 July 2009.

Turkey contributed 100.000 US Dollars to the World Food Program’s above-mentioned flash appeal.

This assistance made through the World Food Program is a concrete manifestation of the sentiments of friendship and solidarity Turkey entertains for the Yemeni nation and Yemen with which we enjoy deep-rooted historical ties.