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Press Release Regarding The Gazi Military Training Center Established In Kabul , 01.04.2010

598 Afghan National Army soldiers who had joined, on 8 February 2010, the Gazi Military Training Center established in Kabul by the contributions of the Turkish Armed Forces, Afghan National Army, Kabul Military Command and ISAF have successfully completed today (1 April) their training programme and become the first graduates of the Center. We are pleased with this development which constitutes a significant milestone in Turkey’s continued comprehensive civilian and military efforts towards empowering the Afghans assume the ownership of their own destiny.

In addition to the Gazi Military Training Center which will make important contributions to the training of the Afghan National Army in the time ahead, other efforts aimed at the training of the Afghan National Security Forces both in Afghanistan and Turkey will continue unabatedly.

The relations between Turkey and Afghanistan derive their strength from historical, political, social and cultural bonds. Turkey’s contributions to the training of the Afghan army rest on a deep-rooted history which dates back to the Agreement on the Formation of the Afghan Army of 4 October 1928.

Supporting and furthering the Afghan ownership through development and capacity building efforts are among the major priorities of Turkey’s assistance policy towards Afghanistan. On this basis, our efforts will continue in the future with the valuable support of the Turkish Armed Forces as well as the Turkish civilian experts including those from the Turkish International Cooperation Agency.