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Turkish President Abdullah Gül Has Visited Pakistan , 02.04.2010

Joint Press Statement on Pakistan-Turkey Special Relationship  
(Islamabad, 2 April 2010)
On the occasion of the state visit of H.E. Abdullah Gül, President of the Republic of Turkey, to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Acknowledging the deep bonds of friendship and goodwill that exist between the peoples and Governments of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Republic of Turkey. Recognizing that their relationship stems from shared roots in history and heritage; as well as cultural, linguistic, historical and civilizational commonalities. Recalling the valuable mutual support extended by the peoples and Governments of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Republic of Turkey on national causes and issues of common concern. Underscoring that this support has been a manifestation of their close friendly relations, and historic affinities, and reaffirming their desire to continue this support. Appreciating Turkey’s special role in promoting peace, security and development in the region, as well as acting as a bridge between the East and the West. Reiterating their shared desire to build on their geo-economic advantages to advance their genuine special relationship to unprecedented levels. Recalling the visit by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Pakistan in October 2009, and the adoption during the visit of the Joint Political Declaration on Intensified Cooperation and Establishment of the High Level Cooperation Council (HLCC.)
The Parties hereby:

Agree to accord high priority to further enhancement of multi-faceted and broad based cooperation through among other means, increased connectivity, promotion of bilateral trade and investment and further expansion of people to people contacts and exchanges.

Connectivity, Trade and Finance

Agree to collaborate closely to upgrade and operationalize road, air and rail connectivity. Agree to commence periodic cargo train service between the two countries, beginning August 2010. Express satisfaction in this regard at the ratification and entry into force of the bilateral Road Transport Agreement, which will allow transporters from either country access to territories of Turkey and Pakistan. Note with satisfaction the growth in bilateral trade, and reaffirm their desire to achieve the target of $ 2 billon trade volume by the year 2012, through among other means, early finalization of a strategic economic cooperation framework, as well as fast tracked trade facilitation and promotion measures, including early implementation of the Agreement on Abolition of Visas for Businessmen. The two sides will enter into bilateral preferential trade arrangements, unleashing free market opportunities in both countries. Agree further to coordinate positions and work closely with a view to ensuring earliest possible implementation of the ECO Trade Agreement, to which both countries are signatories. Welcome the holding of two Sessions of Pakistan-Turkey CEOs Forum during the current visit of President Abdullah Gül to Pakistan; Agree to utilize the Forum as a special purpose vehicle to encourage win-win partnerships among their respective corporate sectors. Agree to promote cooperation in the financial sector by, inter alia, encouraging Turkish and Pakistani commercial banks and financial institutions to open branches in the two countries. Agree also to work jointly for further expansion and consolidation of ECO Trade and Development Bank.
Energy, Tourism and Development
Welcome the signing of the memoranda of understanding in the fields of planning, agriculture and investments; Decide to ensure early implementation of the Agreements, with a view to benefiting fully from each other’s experience and expertise in the field of development. Agree to formulate a Plan of Action on Cooperation in the field of Energy including cooperation in the area of new and renewable energy. Agree to further strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of tourism, with particular emphasis on development of Pakistan’s tourism sector. Agree to finalize the Protocol on the Establishment of the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) Office in Islamabad at the earliest.
Security and Military Cooperation

Agree to continue to broaden and deepen security cooperation in their campaigns against terrorism and extremism, illicit arms trafficking, as well as counter narcotics and human smuggling. In line with the existing Military Cooperation Agreements, agree to further intensify ongoing cooperation between Turkey and Pakistan in the area of military training and education, as well as promotion of trade and partnerships in the field of defence production and procurement.

Cultural and Educational Cooperation; People to People Exchanges

The two sides will continue to promote exchanges of cultural delegations and troupes, organization of cultural events, and examine the possibility of establishing cultural centres. Agree to further enhance educational scholarships. Agree to encourage and enhance exchanges among parliamentarians, academia, journalists, think tanks and opinion makers in respective countries.
International and Regional Forums

Agree to maintain close contacts and consultations on all issues of mutual interest, and to deepen mutual support at international and regional forums, including the United Nations, OIC and ECO. Agree to follow up the outcomes of the Trilateral Summit process between Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan. Agree to implement as a matter of priority, various initiatives set out in the Istanbul Statement on Friendship and Cooperation in the Heart of Asia of 26 January 2010, in particular the Minds Platform that would bring together selected members of academia, media, and think-tanks.
2 April 2010