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Press Release Regarding The Presidential Elections In The Trnc , 18.04.2010

We welcome the TRNC presidential elections which were held today (18 April) in full transparency, in a manner that reflects the examplary democracy of the TRNC and the political maturity of the Turkish Cypriot people. The power of the Turkish Cypriot people stems from its ability to maintain, within the framework of democratic principles, its unity and solidarity. According to the unofficial results, Prime Minister Eroğlu has won the elections. The results reflect the free will of the Turkish Cypriot people and we congratulate, on this occasion, the Turkish Cypriot people, all candidates and all political parties.

We extend our congratulations to Prime Minister Eroğlu for his election to the office of TRNC Presidency and as a statesman with vast experience we appreciate his determination to continue the UN comprehensive settlement negotiations. We also congratulate President Talat for the leadership and vision he has shown during his mandate and expect the continuation of his precious contributions. The dynamism, constructiveness and sincerity manifested by President Talat during the two years of negotiations brought the process to a promising stage. A settlement which would satisfy all concerned parties can be achieved soon if the Greek Cypriot side displays the necessary contribution with the same good will.

The determination of the Turkish Cypriot people to preserve its rights and freedom as the equal co-owner of the Island is a common value which ensures its unity for the national cause. With this understanding, the Turkish Cypriot side displayed in a most clear manner its will to carry the UN negotiations to a just and lasting settlement. Turkey, as a Motherland and Guarantor, and in line with her belief in the importance of a just, lasting and early settlement for the transformation of the Eastern Mediterranean into an area of peace, stability and cooperation, has been giving her full support to the comprehensive negotiations and the constructive attitude of the Turkish Cypriot side, assessing that the interests of the international community also converge on this point.

In accordance with the spirit of our special relations, it is natural that we shall work in close cooperation with all the instutions of the TRNC, continue to support the Turkish Cypriot people in all fields and under all circumstances and fulfill our legal and historical responsibilities with utmost sensitivity and determination.