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Press Release Regarding The Recent Events In Kyrgyzstan , 12.06.2010

Following the events that broke out in April in brotherly Kyrgyzstan, Turkey took all the necessary steps bilaterally as well as in international fora with a view to contributing towards maintaining stability and welfare in this country.We will continue to extend our support to the brotherly people of Kyrgyzstan.

The recent events escalating and gaining an ethnic character in the southern part of the country is a deep cause of concern. It is our sincere belief that these events would be taken under immediate control and the constitutional referendum scheduled for June 27 would be peacefully held. This will be the start of the process of founding a legitimate and democratic government in the country.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mr. Davutoğlu has made phone calls to the Chairperson in Office of the OSCE, Foreign Minister of Kazakstan, Mr. Kanat Saudabayev, and First Vice President of the Interim Kyrgyz Government, Mr. Almazbek Atambayev, and assessed the current situation in Kyrgyzstan.

Meeting the concerns of Turkish nationals in Kyrgyzstan is a main priority for Turkey. We have already extended an official request to the competent Kyrgyz authorities for taking the necessary steps in terms of providing security to Turkish nationals and the Turkish institutions in the Kyrgyz Republic.

In the coming week a Special Representative accompanied by the representatives of the relevant institutions will pay a visit to Kyrgyzstan to address the current situation in the country, the bilateral relations in the transition period and assistance to be provided to Kyrgyzstan. The Special Representative will also meet with Turkish nationals residing in Kyrgyztan.

In view of the ongoing situation in Kyrgyztan, Emergency Desks have already been activated as of today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara as well as at the Turkish Embassy in Bishkek. These desks can be contacted round the clock via the following numbers:

1. Crisis center at the MFA:
(+ 90) 312 - 292 25 79 (+ 90) 530 515 64 91, 530 346 75 65, 533 929 07 63, 530 928 69 15 (including SMS);

2. Turkish Embassy in Bishkek:
00 996 312 62 23 54
00 996 312 62 03 78