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A Note On The Rules And Procedures Governing The Transit Of Aid Materials Destined To Syria Through Turkey. , 15.02.2013

A transit declaration of the incoming aid materials must be prepared via a customs agency at the point of entry. The said transit declaration should also state the point of departure.


In the event that the aid material subject to customs duties are not hauled into Turkey in sealable containers, certain items, such as pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, would require approval from the Ministry of Health concerning their suitability for being imported to Turkey. The failure to do so will compel customs authorities to withhold the said items.


Due to cases of vehicle trafficking, only ambulances are granted the right of transit with temporary license plates. In other words, no vehicles except ambulances will be allowed to transit through Turkey en route to Syria. These vehicles would be required to display the license plates of their country of origin.


The transport of items such as pharmaceuticals and medical equipment in ambulances is not permissible, as it is not feasible to effectively seal the ambulance. Hence, the said items must be transported in sealable containers, as outlined above.


Furthermore, the full list of all the items encompassing the aid materials being transported, including the expiration dates of all pharmaceutical and food products must be furnished at the point of entry.